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Content Creator, born and raised in Bielefeld, Germany

"It's time to move forward and help companies to fit the marketing standards of tomorrow."

Chris Hartung

Growing up with a father, who always had a passion for cameras I got curious about filmmaking in my early years. With only 10 years I made my first short films telling different types of stories. 


In the following years, I got in touch with skateboarding, which I personally see as the fundament of my filmmaking career. Day by day I filmed montages for friends and improved my filming and editing skills during this time. 


What started as a hobby, developed into a true passion and later into a successful business. Over the years I got in touch with the first companies, that I would shoot commercials for.


When graduating from school, I decided that I want to take it a step further and founded what is today Chris Hartung Videography.  I started to work with a lot of brands and help them with their marketing issues. My projects started to take place over the globe, which brought me to different places in the United States.


In 2019 I chose to travel to Australia to shoot my first self-funded documentary „FACING DOWN UNDER“. During this time I got in touch with many Australian companies and even shooted commercials for a German travel agency. Traveling has become the most important part of my life and made the person that I am today.


What clients say


Gregroy Dutcher

CEO, MyLittleWindow

The project was implemented excellently and professionally. In any case,

Mr. Hartung can be recommended.

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Thank you for the brilliant cooperation! From the joint conception to the final cut everything was easy & fast - the next order comes;)

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coming soon

Arne Wüllner

CEO, MyWasser

Harald Bloom

CEO, Bloom Outdoor Möbel